Breathtaking Omaha Wedding with Huge Reception at the Joslyn Art Museum

The Joslyn Art Museum is Omaha’s premiere fine art museum, a massive spectacle of Art Deco design constructed just at the edge of the 30’s. To this day the structure remains along Dodge Street, a home to many incredible permanent collections, a learning center and sculpture garden. For many years, newly engaged couples have chosen this historic spotĀ as the destination for their wedding day. Elizabeth and Yale did just this and from what we can tell, no regrets.

The two started the day at Our Lady of Lourdes Church just off of 32nd Avenue, our crew from some amazing portrait locations around this nearly 100 year old church. When it came time for the ceremony, gorgeous light streamed into the windows of the church, creating a delicious angelic glow on everything it touched.
From the ceremony the wedding party took to the streets in their trolly, first stopping at the Joslyn for some some photos. The Georgia Pink marble on the exterior of the building creating a beautiful warm glow around the bride and groom. The wedding party moved to the Dundee area just north of 50th and Dodge, a well needed break accompanied with friends, family and good spirits. With the sun descending towards the horizon it was soon time to return to the Joslyn and wrap this beautiful day up.

A grand entrance at the second level of the lobby, the wedding party greets the crowd nearly 3 stories above the ground, a gigantic statue of multicolored glass stands behind them. Tables lined most of the lobby, filled with loved ones and well wishers. What an absolutely amazing night, I couldn’t imagine a better place to have it.


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