Omaha Wedding Video Production


Ainsley and Terrence's late summer wedding in Omaha, NE from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Andrea and Ryan from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Carrie and Sanj from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Arielle and Joseph from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Emily and Thomas from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Riesa and Jon from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Nikki and Joe from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Jennifer and Chris from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Kayla and Paul from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Kelsey and Kevin from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Meghan and Wade from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.


Iwen Exposures specializes in Omaha wedding video production and can offer wedding photography AND video packages for your wedding. We’re not making boring traditional wedding videos here. We make movies. Short films, actually. Films that tell the story of your day. Films that are vibrant, over flowing with personality, and full of life. We take the same approach to film making that we do with our still photography- capture the amazing moments in fresh and creative ways with our unique signature style.

We use the right video and film equipment and cinematic tools to capture gorgeous footage that has a genuine cinematic feel to it. We then spend crazy amounts of time editing your film until it is oh so perfect- we make sure the timing is just right and that is an award-winning production by the time you see if for the first time. The music? Yeah- it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day after viewing your video (maybe even longer). A very simple equation is applied in the editing suite that brings our wedding videos to life: music + color + sound + perfect timing + copious amounts of love = super amazing film.

Hire us to produce a wedding video, Love Story, still photography, or the whole shooting match. Our Love Stories are amazing video productions that tell YOUR unique story in creative ways and can be shown to your lucky guests at your reception…or you can just watch it on your couch over and over again. The more services you combine, the more discounts we apply. When you hire us for both photography and video production, you get our entire crew- we work great together and you won’t even know we’re there…Enough talk! We have films scattered all over the Portfolio and Blog sections of this site, but you can start by watching a few right here.