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Iwen Exposures is a creative studio that specializes in wedding photography, cinematic video, and custom design. We are a team of curious, thoughtful photographers, as well as artistic visual storytellers that capture once-in-a-lifetime moments in fresh and delightful ways. We whole-heartedly believe in doing things a little differently and we have collections designed to fit most budgets. We are based in the middle of America in Omaha, Nebraska. We love the pace and attitude of the Midwest, but we also love to travel. Destination weddings? You betcha. We love visiting Costa Rica, Mexico, the American North West, and basically anywhere that has barns, mountains, oceans, and rivers.

The founder of Iwen Exposures, Brad Iwen, and his wife, Joey, bought a small commercial building at 40th and Farnam back in 2009. He has spent the last 6 years helping to revitalize the area that is now known as the Blackstone District- a name that he helped develop. He produced the first two Farnam Festivals back in 2010 and 2011 and founded the Blackstone Business Improvement District, the entity ultimately responsible for the conversion of Farnam to two way traffic, which has led to the incredible development in the area. In 2014, Brad bought an old historic church at 41st and Farnam, which developed in to a wedding venue: the Pella at Blackstone. The Iwen Exposures studio and offices are now located in the lower level of the Pella.

What do we shoot? Weddings, portraits, fun people, dogs, life…We also do a lot of commercial still and video work, write and direct, and most importantly, enjoy life. Simply put, we love what we do and we’re confident that you will too.


Iwen Exposures is a team of dedicated, professional Omaha wedding photographers and videographers. Every member of the Iwen Exposures team is an artist, but there’s a lot more to it than that. We are all educated, formally trained, and have spent years honing our craft and developing a unique style that makes our studio stand out from the crowd. Every member brings something unique and amazing to the table. Craftsmanship is a very important word around our studio. Our ultimate goal is to produce amazing work and make every one of our clients smile. We’re talking about a super huge infectious ear-to-ear smile…You’ll be treated like an old friend the minute you walk into our studio.

Brad Iwen [director of things]

The addiction began in high school- 3 hours a day, 5 days a week in a darkroom. Shooting as much film as his part time job could support. The pursuit of higher education took him west- to Brooks Institute in California and the Art Institute in Colorado. Brad has lived and worked as a commercial photographer all over the western United States. From Ventura on the west coast up to the big skies of Montana and back down to the high country of Colorado, all of these incredible places have offered unique opportunities for artistic and cultural development that is easily recognizable in his style and personality. In 2007, Brad and his wife, Joey, moved back to Omaha from Denver to be closer to family and to rediscover their wonderful midwestern roots. In addition to running day-to-day operations at Iwen Exposures, Brad also hunts down vintage treasures at estate sales, writes and directs films, and loves to chef it up.
Omaha Wedding Photographer Brad Iwen

Curio: Brad once had a bike race with a deer in the mountains. Brad came in second.

Matt Pekula [photographer, cinematographer]

Omaha Wedding Photographer Matt Pekula
Matt works with a lot of different artistic mediums, but his roots in photography are very similar to that of Brad’s- high school. Creighton University came next where he studied fine arts and continued his work with photography. Matt has never slowed down in his quest for artistic development and stylistic refinement. His years working as a photojournalist trained him to feel and anticipate real moments, which is one of the qualities that makes him an integral part of the Iwen Exposures brand. Matt began working for Iwen Exposures in 2007- he is truly a wedding photojournalist with a unique editorial style.

Curio: Matt once nursed a wounded bat back to health before releasing it back into the wild.

Daniel Johnson [photographer, cinematographer]

Daniel was born and raised in Charlotte, Michigan and attended college at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He spent his academic career studying photojournalism and honing his storytelling skills. Post graduation, he accepted a job working as a staff photographer at The Marion Chronicle-Tribune- the daily paper in Marion, Indiana. A tried and true photojournalist that is organized, curious, and fun to work with. Daniel lives in Benson with his wife, Rebeca, and their son, Harvey.
Omaha Wedding Photojournalist

Curio: Daniel loves exploring local cuisine whenever he travels.

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