Gorgeous Omaha Wedding with Country Club Reception

Brian and Bridget take the cake, and eat it too, because, hey it’s their wedding day. The couple started at St Margaret Mary’s Church, a formal ceremony, skipping the first moment and saving the anticipation for the sanctuary. After the ceremony, the wedding party and family members headed to the Homy Inn, a cute little dive bar near Saddle Creek Street. They hung out at a car wash for a bit (you’ll see what I mean), and headed to Barrett’s over on Leavenworth Street. Once the wedding party was merry and full of drink, they finally headed to their final destination for the evening, the Happy Hollow Country Club. A beautiful reception waiting for them, but no time for that, let’s go ride some golf carts. The wedding party stood in the late July sun, soaking it in before it was time to go inside and get this party started, the photos tell no lie. Family and friends filed in for the cocktail hour and other festivities. The evening, very traditional in a sense, but the amount of love in this reception hall made for an incredibly beautiful and emotional evening. Congratulations Bridget and Brian!

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