Nebraska Wedding Video Production

Professional, creative, and authentic video production for your big day.

Iwen Exposures specializes in Omaha wedding video production and Love Stories. We’re not making boring traditional wedding videos here. We make movies. Short films, actually. Films that tell the story of your day. Films that are vibrant, over flowing with personality, and full of life. We take the same approach to film making that we do with our still photography- capture the amazing moments in fresh and creative ways with our unique signature style.

How we work

We use the right video and film equipment and cinematic tools to capture gorgeous footage that has a genuine cinematic feel to it. Most cameras shoot video now, but there are sacrifices for using the same cameras for still and video and we do not make sacrifices.  We use the same high end cinema cameras, lenses, and sound equipment for our wedding productions that we use for our commercial productions. We then spend crazy amounts of time editing and color correcting your film until it is oh so perfect- we make sure the timing is just right and the narrative has a beautiful flow. and that it is an award-winning production by the time you see if for the first time. We source the best possible music track for every one of our films. 

Hire us to produce a film, photograph your wedding…or both!

We aren’t just a photo studio that does a few films on the side. Or vice versa. We are very proficient in both disciplines and one main advantage of hiring us for both photography and video is that our team works together seamlessly to get the best possible footage and photographs of your day. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Here are a few of our favorites- take a look and then give us a shout- we'd love to hear from you!