Lauren + Michael’s Omaha Wedding and Reception

When it comes to getting married, there’s a wedding for everyone. Whatever detail you put into it is up to you. Lauren and Michael thought out every detail. This day had everything, even it own hashtag.

The day started out at St John’s parish, the bride and groom putting on the finishing touches before taking their vows. Smiles everywhere, I don’t think I’ve ever saw a group with more energy. Mike and Lauren exchanged letters and gifts and everyone made their way to their places to get this wedding started.

St John’s, majestic and beautiful as usual. We love the light in this place, it makes for great photos. After a traditional ceremony we made our way to the garden just north of the church for a few photos. The sun shining bright on these two souls, a gorgeous heavenly glow from them. After a few more photos at Central High School, the wedding party took to the party bus to stop for drinks at 1912 in the Benon.

After a few laughs with friends over drinks, it was time for the real party. The Omaha Design Center was waiting, perfection throughout. First though, more photos, we took to the rooftop for a few photos on the patio the sun just starting to set, painting the scene in gold.

The reception kicked off as the emcees took the floor and introduced the wedding party. The bride and groom taking the dance floor almost immediately for their first dance. After a handful of emotional speeches the bride and groom cut the cake.

The happy couple said a few words and suddenly the groom is grabbing a chair for the bride and he’s not going for that garter belt. Friends and family gathered around as the groom sang a few songs for his bride, a beautiful moment no doubt. A group photo followed and suddenly the dance floor opened. What a party, what a day, what a wedding.

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